Inspection Services

Maintenance is a key factor in extending the life and usefulness of anything man-made. Traditionally, trained and insured servicemen had to climb radio towers, dangerous roofs, water towers, and other tall structures just to see if maintenance repairs were even necessary. Now, TN Drone Services can remove this expensive step from your maintenance procedures and get you back to what you do best: your business.

Water Towers

The EPA requires regular inspections of water towers. Such inspections are costly and potentially deadly. Before you send someone up the water tower, let TN Drone Services find the problem areas and assess the need for repairs. We'll provide high resolution images and note any areas that may need your attention.

Communication Towers

Cell towers and radio towers need regular inspections, and those inspections don't come cheap. Mitigate your costs by utilizing TN Drone Services. We’ll do routine inspections at a fraction of the cost. From pre-installation inspections, to birds' nest evaluations, to active tower inspection (including mechanical downtilt checks and live monitoring for a closer look), TN Drone Services offers a cost effective tower inspection service.

Given that some towers can cause interference with communication between unmanned aerial systems and their controller, we utilize systems offering different frequencies with which to operate. In addition, our unmanned aerial systems are equipped with sensors to avoid crashing into objects throughout the inspection process.

Solar Panel Farms, Wind Turbines, & Power Grid Services

Each source of power carries its own unique set of maintenance needs. We have seen an increase in the value that services of unmanned aerial systems can provide our clients. While you can't entirely remove maintenance and inspections from the budget, you can cut costs in those areas by implementing UAS services to survey your maintenance needs and do inspections for a cheaper price point than most traditional methods. If this sounds like something your utility or agency might be interested in, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to talk with you and see how TN Drone Services can meet your unique service needs.