Hospitality: Worth its Weight in Tourism Dollars.

Proof of Concept: Marketing Small Town Tourism

Imagine your small town revitalized and invigorated with tourism dollars. It will take work, partnerships, and a buy-in from local and state government to make it happen. Are you up for the challenge?

People the country over want to escape from their jobs and their busy lives to a simpler time. They want to experience a time when mobile phones are not constantly vibrating in their pockets and when life seemed slower. What if your small town could provide that opportunity to escape? What if your community was the solution to a problem that most of us long for but can't fully commit to the life change?

e've all heard stories about the good old days and can conjure up thoughts about how things used to be. We can all relate to simpler times, even if we don't live in them. Your town can be that escape from the busyness of our modern fast-paced world. It can transport us back to the simpler times of generations past, when life seemed to slow down. A time when meaning and purpose abounded.

If your small town is willing to pilot this idea, the revenue potential could be life-changing for the community. Profit could be shared town-wide. The "experience-providers" doing the majority of the work to bring about this reality would benefit from the majority of the compensation. The town would get a percentage, and the townspeople would get a cut of the profits for simply being a part of the community. All would benefit from making an experience seeker's visit a good one. The more “small town” experiences afforded to the respite-seeker, the more potential for revenue town-wide. As revenue increases, the experiences should also continue to grow.

Together, we can make this work and revitalize small towns the state, and nation over. Getting the townspeople to buy into the concept and marketing to the right demographic within the target travel range is paramount to a successful tourism campaign. Will you make the first step in seeing your community thrive again... just like it did in the good old days?